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I have been modeling for 10 years now. I'm spunky, personable and can make a quiet, dull situation more upbeat. I bring the life to the party. I am always smiling and sociable. Hard working and very diverse.
Because I am first generation in America, I have started my own footprint in the United States and especially in the Tri-state area. My goal as a performer is to bring entertainment and rhythm to the crowd. I am extremely humbled and grateful for all of my past and future…
Gogo dancing is and always will be one of my many dreams come true. I wear a multitude hats as an artist, designer, model (brand, glamour, lifestyle) administrative & production assistant, gogo mentor, multimedia producer and dabbling musician. I savor anything that ignites my fire. Gogo dancing is one of…
My name is Tatiana Helwig and I am 22 years old. I have a degree in behavioral neuroscience and psychology!
Check out the newest Go Gurl Milo テつ
Christine has performed with artists, Flo-rida Kevin Rudolph, Shakira, Rhianna, Ryan Leslie, Tiffany Evans, Ludacris, B.O.B and Bruno Mars. テつ
Ever since I got my first taste at my audition, I've been addicted! I can't wait to grow as a dancer and performer and to see where this journey takes me. テつ
Ashley is a self taught flow artist whose flow can be found within hoola hoops. She began hoop dancing at 16 and its unlikely she'll ever stop.
When she dances, she has no bounds, and all of her work anxieties and stress fall away. Go Gurlz gives her the ability to counter her engineer lifestyle with fun and excitement.
窶廬 am very fortunate to make my passion for dance a living. I consider dance my higher power.テつ Without it there would be no me.テつ Being a "good dancer窶 or learning and teaching isn't about doing the moves well but understanding what you窶决e doingテつand why.窶
A daredevil by nature, she brings the intensity to every performance she does, whether it's gogo dancing, modeling, or flying thirty feet above the crowd.
Po has been dancing for as long as she can remember! She is a crowd pleaser, lover of the stage and music is the heart beat to her feet.
Dana knew she was destined to be a performing artist at a very young age.テつ
Turquoise is a fun individual with a passion for dance. Turquoise began dancing at 11 years old.
Amanda has been dancing with GO Gurlz for over a year now. Her conditioning includes hip hop and ballet. Trained as a competitive cheerleader for 8 years, still attends and helps coach clinics in the plymouth meeting area for flexibility, stunting, and tumbling.
Since Kimmi was a little girl, she always knew dancing was going to be her number one love.
Lena fell in love with the scene of go-go dancing where she can entertain with her high energy passion for dance.
My name is Alyx, I'm 23 and currently in school working towards my second Bachelor's degree in nursing.テつ
Cheerleading and gymnastics were my number one until I started dancing and then it became my biggest passion.
Ever since she was little, Alyssa has always been dancing more than she was walking.テつ
Traveling the globe, and meeting new people are two of Gabriella窶冱 favorite things to do.
With her bubbly and outgoing personality, she is always dancing to the beat of her own drum.
Kaitlyn is a self-taught flow artist who's area of expertise is poi.
She love's to soak in the energy of all different kinds of crowds, music and places.
Some people do not realize their passion until later on in life. Ginelle was an early starter when it came to modeling. Being in front of the camera came naturally and it felt right.テつ

Go Gurlz Entertainers


"The dancers from Go Gurlz are absolutely the best in the business. They are a great add on to any themed party, or just as party starters. As you can imagine, we have had nothing but the best comments from customers. I would recommend the Go Gurlz for any party that you are planning, they are well worth the investment." - Tom Guido ~ Club 3