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Go Gurlz Entertainment - About Us

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Go Gurlz Entertainment is a mix of amazingly talented dancers, models, and entertainers, who have joined together to form a full-service entertainment company!

bkphotoAlthough we have specialized in go-go dancers for the tri-state area’s most well-known clubs, we have expanded our portfolio variety with an event staffing and brand promotions division! GO Gurlz exists solely to provide our clients’ with professional men and women that will enhance the experience of your patrons and guests, and ensure that your brand or event stands out from the market! 

We are your resource for night-life needs, fashion and runway modeling, promotional events, bar mitzvah’s, hula hoop dancers, and many other assorted talents and forms of entertainment! 

Whether we are providing dancers and entertainers for your nightlife event, models for your photography needs or fashion shows, or brand ambassadors for your business or charity events; We are certain of one thing: Go Gurlz will captivate your audience and your event will be memorable!

We have been serving the nightlife community since 2008 with high energy dance performances. In 2010, we established the modeling and promotions division which has taken off with much success. We pride ourselves in providing venues and businesses of all types with classy, beautiful, and professional models and dancers.

Our cutting edge style is sure to entertain any crowd. We encourage all to partner with our brand as we pursue our goal of becoming the nationwide leader in nightlife entertainment.

GO Gurlz Entertainment is a talent company that provides models and entertainers for night clubs, lounges, and special events throughout the tri state area. GO Gurlz is run by Model, Actress, and Choreographer Ginelle Ophelia. The models that work for us are booked for


  • Non Nude Go Go Dancing
  • Model for event fliers and Promotions Products
  • Host Event for night clubs
  • Street team Promotions
  • Ring Girls
  • Fashion Modeling
  • Acting Gigs
  • Event Promotions
  • Fashion Shows
  • Various other assignments (We are ALWAYS receiving request for projects and events of all types)


We are seeking all types of professional ladies with good attitudes. All assignments are for paid work and we don’t require contracts or portfolios. If you are interested in working in a fun environment with a progressive company, we want to meet you!



Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please include any photos you have and let us know about your experience and a little about yourself.


PLEASE READ!!!!  As you can imagine we receive tons of emails from ladies looking to be a part of Go Gurlz. Consider the email you send as your first impression!!
  • If the email doesn't have photos attached - we don't respond!
  • If the photos are blurry or just not a good representation of you - we don't respond! 
  • If the email doesn't have your contact information - we don't respond!
  • This is your chance to MAKE us want to contact you!! 
Here are a few tips to make your email submission successful and to get us to contact you back! We WANT to bring on more talent as we have more events and projects then we currently have models for, BUT we can't waste our time chasing you down to get information you could have sent from the beginning. 
  • You can not send too many photos!
  • Feel free to include links to other websites where we can view your work or additional photos - E Facebook, Instagram, Modeling Pages ect
  • Include your current measurements DON'T Exaggerate - some of the events require specific model sizes
  • Tell us (if applicable) events, projects or modeling you are currently doing or have done
  • Let us know what you are interested in doing - IE Fashion Modeling, Club Events or WHATEVER (just because it's not listed doesn't mean we may not have something available for you).
  • Let your personality shine!!!
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Go Gurlz Entertainers


"The dancers from Go Gurlz are absolutely the best in the business. They are a great add on to any themed party, or just as party starters. As you can imagine, we have had nothing but the best comments from customers. I would recommend the Go Gurlz for any party that you are planning, they are well worth the investment." - Tom Guido ~ Club 3